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Five Things The Purge: Breakout Taught Me About Writing

My family really, really loves scary shit. Even my youngest daughter, a self-proclaimed wimp, finds herself drawn to books and movies she knows are going to scare the living crap out of her. When we had a chance to take part in what looked like a pretty freaky interactive experience, we couldn’t pass it up. […]

Editing by the Numbers: Hot Points and Dead Space

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you knew exactly which chapters your readers were into and which ones they were rushing through? How cool would it be if you could sit on a reader’s shoulder as she went through your book and note when her pulse quickened as the action propelled her from one chapter to the next? Don’t […]

Editing By the Numbers – Bring Out Your Data

A few months back, Jukepop authors got a huge leg up on understanding their audience when the Author Analytics tools rolled out. Unfortunately, it’s still a little difficult to get the data you really need in one place, but this series of posts should help you get your numbers in order. If we’re all lucky, […]

The Good Girl – A Pitchfork County Short Story

The Goat King held the kid close and licked the tip of her ear. “Either ya do it with the knife,” he said, “or I’ll do it with my teeth.” Stevie balled her fists and glared at her father. “Ya can’t make me hurt her.” He shrugged and the yellow squares of his teeth snapped […]

Mind the Gap

I’ve been cranky of late. Little things bug the shit out of me. Minor annoyances set me off into red-blur rages. And it’s all because of my dreams.

13 Ways to Get Lucky

Don’t get kid yourself – luck plays a bigger role in success or failure than expertise, experience, or effort. It’s the sum of all those factors that seem totally outside your control – who squeezed you out of their love canal, who wanted to be your buddy in kindergarten, whether or not lightning will smack […]

The End of Half-Made Girls

This is it. The last chapter of Half-Made Girls is now available for all and sundry to read and enjoy. It’s been right at a year since the first chapter appeared and I’m more than a little sad to see it wrapping up. I’ve had a great time exploring Pitchfork County with all of you […]

True Detective: The Light is Winning

There be spoilers for True Detective here.  Like all of the spoilers have come home to roost. Seriously, turn back now if you don’t want to know the truth about Carcosa and the green-eared spaghetti monster. Last chance, dude. Okay. Here we go. The biggest twist in True Detective wasn’t a picked-at plot thread coming […]

The Girl in My Inbox

There’s a girl who lives in my inbox. She hasn’t always been there, but over the past few weeks, she’s moved herself into my life one secret at a time. She tells me things I imagine no one else knows, things that she may not even know herself. I know more about her than I […]

Where the Ideas Come From: Zombie Limbs

The world is full of strange things, some of them so batshit crazy they seem to have fallen straight out of a gonzo horror novel. The starfish wasting disease is one of those things. Imagine a disease that dots your skin with unhealing lesions. As it progresses, the syndrome twists your limbs into knots. You […]