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The Dark and Stormy Blogfest Contest

The generous and talented Brenda Drake has teamed up with Weronika Janczuk of the DFEO Literary Agency to create a cool contest about first lines. I’ve decided to toss my hat into the ring, so without further adieu here’s the first line from The Bleeding Cure, my current horror WIP: Real friends are up for […]

Making Your Long Tail

Over at his site (, the very wise Dean Wesley Smith laid down some math that spoke to the old RPG freelancer in me with its very simple formula: The number of words you write has a direct effect on the amount of money you make. When I was cranking out tens of thousands of […]

The Loneliness of Success

For the past six years, I’ve been enrolled in a grueling court reporting night school course, on top of working on a couple of novels, on top of a more-than full-time job that had me regularly working 60 hour weeks over the last couple of years. It was a horrible period of my life, marked […]

The 8 Best Tools for Writers Named Sam

In my last post, I wrote about picking writing tools and how to avoid cluttering your toolbox with unnecessary crap. After applying those rules to my own collection of work-avoiding toys, I’ve whittled my toolbox down to just a handful of things I couldn’t live without.

Five Tips for Picking Your Writing Tools

Follow these quick tips to protect yourself from the burden of too many of the wrong tools for your writing.

Back to Me

Once upon a time, I was a full-time writer. It was stressful, exciting, and profitable for quite a few years. But markets shifted and I made some bad choices that left me working a lot harder for a lot less money than I needed to keep my family afloat. In the end, I shot my writing […]

Goodbye, Hello

Three lessons learned in 2010, a NaNoWriMo recap, and some ambitious plans for 2011.