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Writing to Free

I’ve been a writer for as long as I’ve been a reader, but I’ve never given that part of my life the attention it deserves. I treated my passion like a hobby, and the results have been painful and ugly.

You can see one of the consequences of this benign neglect in the post before this one, which was written over a year ago. I was a finalist in that contest, and then . . . nothing. You won’t see any posts about how much I learned, or how great it was to be recognized for my efforts. I didn’t follow through, I didn’t commit to my writing the way I should have, and an opportunity to jumpstart my writing career slipped right through my fingers.

Relaunching this site is an attempt to make sure that doesn’t happen again. It’s not a journal. It’s not a how-to-write series. It’s really, really not a deep peek into the inner recesses of my writerly soul.

It is a chronicle of my attempts to pull together all of the disparate threads of my writing life. It’s a look at the steps I’m taking to put writing front-and-center in my life. It’s a commitment device, wherein I impress my loyal readers into service by telling you about my goals, reporting on my progress, and letting you vilify me when I fall short. Finally, it’s a crass attempt to help me reach the goal of being a successful, profitable author.
In the coming weeks, I’m going to unveil my Big Evil Plan and the steps I’m taking to put it into action. You’ll get to watch as I implement each diabolical step and either succeed, fail, or stand in bemused wonderment at the results. You might even learn something.

About Sam

I am the author of the popular Pitchfork County series of horror novels. I also write a newsletter with great reading suggestions and free fiction.