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Camp NaNoWriMo – Go Big – Day 9


Here we are at day 9, and things are cooking along so much better than I’d hoped.

I am so pumped, you guys.

I started this whole project as kind of a lark – I’ve written fast before, but I’d never done it ‘live’ and I’ve never done it without having a solid idea to start with. I figured there was a better-than-even chance that I’d miss the boat on this and everyone would be able to point and laugh.

That’s not happening. Book 2 is now plotted, well ahead of schedule. Book 1 is with my editor and will be back soon.

Best of all, the work that I’m doing feels good. My betas are digging it and I’m very, very pleased with what I’ve got.

But not all of this is due to just my hard work. I set up a process and followed guidelines to get it done. Read back through the past few days and you can see what I’ve done.

And take notes, because this shit works.

My advice to all the writers out there who are struggling with their work is to build a process and then work it. Trust the process and it will get you through the worst of times.

DAY NINE: My Work Here Has Begun (Again)

Outlining is like writing on meth. The story core pours out of your head like smoke and you can feel it coalescing into words and scenes and a whole damned book.

I have nothing else to share here – find an outlining process that works for you and use it.

For serial.



But for me, it means more words. Lots more words. To hit my goal I need to power through the first draft of book #2 in the next five days.

I can do it.

And you can, too.

Looking forward

My editor is going to be working on book 1 tomorrow, and he’ll be sharing his thoughts about the process shortly thereafter on this very blog.

I still have to figure out what to do for covers. Know any good artists who work cheap and fast or who have premades that are absolutely awesome? Let me know!


And if you’re working on a mad scientists project of your own, drop me a line in the comments. I’d love to hear how everyone else is handling their work!

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