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Half-Made Girls
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Roleplaying Games

The following is a list of the roleplaying books I either wrote or contributed to. Each book is listed as title – publisher – role – system.

Adept’s Way – FASA – Contributor – Earthdawn

Contributed a few discipline write-ups for this book including the Archer and Illusionist.

Against the Shadow – Fantasy Flight Games – Contributor – d20 System

Contributed roughly one-half of this book including the following sections:

  • Dwargs
  • Dwarrow
  • Elves, jungle
  • Elves, sea
  • Elves, snow
  • Halflings, agrarian
  • Halflings, nomadic
  • Wildlanders
  • Avenging knives
  • Elven Raider
  • Halfling Wogren Rider
  • Herbalist
  • Bleak Knight
  • Undead Destroyer
  • Swimmer
  • Hunter
  • Tactician
  • Corpsedigger Cypress
  • Puresea Island
  • Greenthroat Cavern
  • Blindfork Spires
  • Forges of the Sirocco
  • Black Ice Falls
  • Blood Tower of the Northern March
  • Charms (various)
  • Spells (various)
  • Equipment (various)
  • Feats (various)
  • Herbalism
  • Weapons (various)

Airships – Bastion Press – Author – d20 System

This is one of the d20 books of which I’m the most proud. It contained an original airship construction system, information about air travel and trading, the ways in which airships can affect a campaign, a new vehicle combat system, and a whole slew of prestige classes, skills, spells, feats, and magic items for aerial adventures.

Astromundi Cluster, The – TSR – Author – AD&D 2nd Ed.

This boxed set contained an entire Spelljammer campaign setting, detailing an expansive asteroid belt. This was my introduction to fantasy flying ships, and is still one of my favorite assignments.

Black Flames – TSR – Author – AD&D 2nd Ed.

One of the first of TSR’s flipbook adventures for Dark Sun, this was my very first project for TSR.

Blades – FASA – Contributor – Earthdawn

I contributed the Grave Wisdom adventure for this Earthdawn anthology.

Book of Lairs, The – TSR – Contributor – AD&D 2nd Ed.

I wrote roughly half of the encounters/lairs for this book.

Castle Sites – TSR – Contributor – AD&D 2nd Ed.

Contributed roughly half of the castles in this book.

Complete Sha’ir’s Handbook, The – TSR – Author – AD&D 2nd Ed.

Another book I’m very proud of, this sourcebook for Al-Qadim is one of the books I still get the occasional question about.

Dark Inheritance – Mythic Dreams Studios – Contributor – Dark Inheritance

Pitched to me as a modern campaign setting of mythic horror, Dark Inheritance was a lot of fun to write. I put together a w of the Titan bloodlines, some information on cults, and a fairly extensive artifact system that made these items more than just another magical widget.

Dawnforge – Fantasy Flight Games – Contributor – d20 System

Contributed a small amount to this book, including write-ups for the Anderland and Durning Highlands regions.

Deadly Diseases – Ronin Arts – Author – d20 System

A short booklet containing a dozen unique fantasy diseases for use in any d20 campaign.

Doom Striders – Bastion Press – Author – d20 System

The first of the fantasy robot books for d20. This sourcebook started off as a piece of a much larger book, but was spun off into its own production when it became apparent how much giant robot material I had stuffed in my brain.

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Battle Magic – Mongoose Publishing – Author – d20 System

A d20 guide to the most destructive magic of all, meant to put wizards in the forefront of combat, from simple skirmishes to full-blown warfare.

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Chaos Magic – Mongoose Publishing – Author – d20 System

An entirely new system of magic for d20 games, and the first of the ‘build-your-own-spell’ systems.

Fringers’ Guide to the Galaxy, The – West End Games – Author – Shatterzone

A 128-page collection of strange locations, organizations, and miscellaneous for the Shatterzone science-fiction game.

Horrors – FASA – Contributor – Earthdawn

I wrote several horrors for this book, including Giftbringer. I also designed the Horror Stalker discipline.

KinRise – Stellar Games – Author – Nightlife
My very first writing credit.  Writing this sourcebook for the NightLife game taught me a ton about the professional writing business. I’ll always be grateful to Stellar Games for helping me get my work into print, and for explaining so many things to me.

Minions of Shadow – Fantasy Flight Games – Contributor – d2 System

Contributed various monsters to this Midnight collection, including:

  • Aruun
  • Northern Demon
  • Rogue Spirits
  • Spirit Servants
  • Degenerate Darghuul
  • Blight Ogres
  • Horsha (The White)

Oathbound: Arena – Bastion Press – Contributor – d20 System

A sourcebook detailing the domain of Arena in the Oathbound campaign setting. I wrote the battle machines section of the book, including the first version of the Doom Striders rules.

Path of Faith – Fantasy Flight Games – Contributor – d20 System

I contributed several sections to this book on divine magic.

Quintessential Cleric, The – Mongoose Publishing – Author –  d20 System

An expansion for the cleric class, including the concept of estates and extensive rules for rituals.

Quintessential Drow, The – Mongoose Publishing – Author –  d20 System

Explores drow culture and includes information on fleshcrafting, torture, seduction, and other drow pasttimes.

Quintessential Dwarf, The – Mongoose Publishing – Author –  d20 System

128-pages of information about dwarves, targeted primarily at players.

Quintessential Psion, The – Mongoose Publishing – Author –  d20 System

128 pages of psionic goodness. Not quite as grimas The Quintessential Psychic warrior, this book is still a shade or two darker than most others out there. Contains information about memetic parasites, psychoactive substances, and mind shards.

Quintessential Psychic Warrior, The – Mongoose Publishing – Author –  d20 System

A new look at the psychic warrior, including new powers, weapon meditations, and more. A little darker than your average d20 book, The Quintessential Psychic warrior has extensive rules for body modification, ritual mortification, and cannibalism.

Quintessential Samurai, The – Mongoose Publishing – Author –  d20 System

A look at the samurai and his culture, particularly useful for transporting the samurai into a fantasy campaign.

Secrets of the Dwarves – Ronin Arts – Author –  d20 System
This campaign booklet contained a dozen secrets related to the dwarves, along with ways to slot each secret into a campaign

Sheoloth: City of the Drow – Mongoose Publishing – Author –  d20 System

A 256-page book detailing a subterranean city of drow and their allies.

Slayers’ Guide to Bugbears, The – Mongoose Publishing – Author –  d20 System

A 32-page guide to bugbears, including a complete bugbear warren.

Spells & Magic – Bastion Press – Contributor –  d20 System

I was the lead designer on this project and contributed the Dragon and Mirror Magic sections.

Steel Deep – Mayfair Games – Author – Underground

This guide to a Lunar penal colony for the Underground game was one of the final products for that landmark game line.

Werewolf (1st Edition) – White Wolf – Contributor – Storyteller System

I did a great deal of conceptual work on this project and wrote several pieces, including most of the Drama chapter.

Wraith: The Oblivion (1st Edition) – White Wolf – Contributor – Storyteller System

I contributed some conceptual work to this project.