The thoughts and work of Sam Witt

Who I Am

Sitting here in the writing cave pounding out words, it’s easy to get insulated and isolated from the world. When I spend more time talking to the people in my head than the those outside it, it’s time to crawl out of the cave and get in touch with the rest of humanity. For the curious, then, here’s a wee bit about li’l ol’ me.

I’m a writer, always have been. For a long time, I made my living pounding out books for roleplaying games at a few pennies a word. It was a good run, right up until it wasn’t, and I enjoyed the hell out of injecting myself into the RPG hobby. I still tinker with roleplaying games from time to time, but my real passion’s always been in fiction and I’m all in on that for 2015. I write pretty dark stuff with lots of bad words and even worse fates for lots of characters, though I’m also big on well-deserved rewards for characters who struggle against the darkness. Hopeful Horror is a good genre tag for most of what I write, as you can see from my influences a little further down in this post.

Half-Made Girls, my first novel, was released earlier this year. At least two more books in that series, Night-Blooded Boys and Long-Dead Gods, will hit virtual shelves in 2015. I’m also working on a steady stream of novellas, short-stories, and other fictionish works set in Pitchfork County, many of which you can get for free just by joining my email list.

Literary Influences

I’m a voracious reader across a wide variety of dark genres, and I’m going to be talking a lot about authors I enjoy and books I dig. The first ‘real’ book I ever read was The Hobbit, which taught me that sometimes the darkness comes to your house and calls you out. That sigil-scratched doorway was my introduction to the dark and fantastic, and I’ve been devouring books across a wide swath of genres ever since. Madeleine L’Engle led me through a Wrinkle in Time. I followed the blood-soaked footprints of Conan across Hyperborea. The dark tides from those tales washed me up on the twilit shores of horror in my early teens, and that was all she wrote.

I’m a huge fan of Stephen King’s epic works (The Stand, The Dark Tower books), which I read when I was far too young and which shaped my storytelling sensibilities from the very beginning.

The rise of the Splatterpunks (especially Skipp & Spector, Brian Hodge, and Clive Barker) taught me that restraint isn’t always a desirable trait when writing and opened my mind to a whole new world of terrifying possibilities.

I still read fantasy, though it’s definitely of the darker variety now, with Joe Abercrombie at the forefront of the mud-and-blood style that’s become so popular. It reminds me of the old pulp fantasy with a modern twist, and who can resist that combination?

If you enjoy any or all of the above, there’s a real good chance you’ll find something in my books to enjoy, as well.

The Daily Grind

In addition to writing, I hold down a day job in the bowels of corporate IT. The less said about that, the better, am I right?

Personal Life

I’m happily married for a long, long time now. We’ve managed to produce a trio of talented daughters (one grown, one mostly grown, one nearly grown) with no catastrophes. I ride a motorcycle, though not nearly as often as I’d like. I’m a big fan of video games (oh, hai, Destiny), though I don’t have much time to play them these days. I listen to a variety of music when I’m writing (here’s the Spotify play list for the Pitchfork County books) and varieties of metal music when I’m doing anything else.

That’s who I am: Writer/Worker/Husband/Dad/Gamer/Biker/Metalhead in varying orders and intensities, depending on the day.

Who are you?

About Sam

I am the author of the popular Pitchfork County series of horror novels. I also write a newsletter with great reading suggestions and free fiction.