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The only thing standing between the universe and utter destruction is a renegade occultech witch and her crew of outlaws.

Too bad most of the galaxy wants to see them dead.

On the run from a cabal of murderous space elves, Grace Solomon just wants to find a crew for the shadowship she stole so she can live out a not-so-quiet life of intergalactic piracy and technomagic witchery.

But when the owner of the ship she stole puts a pack of bounty-hunting werekin on her tail, Grace soon finds herself chased smack dab into the middle of a sorcerous conspiracy to raise literal Hell throughout the galaxy.

With enemies on every side, Grace's only chance to save the universe may lie in a dark alliance with  a monstrous fiend who nearly destroyed a thousand worlds during a bloody reign of terror a millenia past...

Lilith, Queen of the Dragons