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After the hellish battle with the half-made girls left him half-dead and his daughter gravely injured, Joe Hark and his family have holed up for a well-deserved rest. All they want is a quiet winter and some time to enjoy it. But when an outbreak of supernatural violence hits too close to home, Joe finds himself dragged once again into the heart of darkness. As their search for the source of the outbreak leads them into conflict with Pitchfork’s newest employer, Joe and his family find themselves both surrounded by enemies and at odds with the very people they’re trying to save. To stop the monstrous violence and save Pitchfork, Joe’s family will have to fight together like never before. But when dark forces from outside Pitchfork arrive to unleash the county’s evil on the world at large, Joe and his family find themselves at war with a foe whose only weakness is a power long forbidden to them -- until now.

While tending to the wounded in the aftermath of Night-Blooded Boys, shapeshifter Al discovers a dark new threat to Pitchfork County. To save his pack and the witch he loves from certain death, Al must learn to master the beast within himself — before it destroys his world. This novella takes place between Night-Blooded Boys and the forthcoming Dead-Eyed Gods.


When the elder witch of Pitchfork County finds a web-shrouded corpse dangling from a tree, her first-call is to the Joe Hark, the Night Marshal. But Joe soon discovers the local law wants him dead and even his old boss is ready to throw him to the wolves.

As Joe uncovers the sinister connections between the string of murders and the schemes of the Long Man, he finds himself tangled in a web of ancient evil, dark secrets, and bone-deep betrayal.

To unravel the hellish plans of his enemies, Joe must risk everything on a gamble that will change Pitchfork County forever.