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Back to Me

Once upon a time, I was a full-time writer. It was stressful, exciting, and profitable for quite a few years. But markets shifted and I made some bad choices that left me working a lot harder for a lot less money than I needed to keep my family afloat. In the end, I shot my writing career in the face, put away my pen and paper, bought some business casual attire, and entered the corporate work force. I became a model drone of modern society.

Except I wasn’t.

After a hard day of work and a few hours of night school, I’d fall back into my deviant writerly ways. While my family slept, I’d crank out few pages here, a few pages there. In those years I was busy being anything but a writer, I managed to finish three novels, a couple dozen short stories, and about a million words of miscellaneous scrap and junk.

About a year ago, I decided the writing bug was too deeply embedded in my brain for me to dig it out. I was never going to quit writing, so I might as well spend some time getting good at it. I studied the craft of writing, I dug into the nuts and bolts of telling stories. Most dangerous of all, I started thinking about publishing the words I was tapping out in the dead of night.

This site is where I’ll tell the story of how I got back in to writing, and the tricks and tips that have worked for me. With any luck, we’ll follow the course of my first published novel from its first one-sentence pitch all the way to the point where you, faithful reader, can pick it up off the shelf or download it to your Kindle.

And if we don’t get that far, at least you’ll have an entertaining time watching my attempted re-entry catch fire and crash into the ground. Either way, you win.

About Sam

I am the author of the popular Pitchfork County series of horror novels. I also write a newsletter with great reading suggestions and free fiction.